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frequently asked questions

How do I join SCN?

Students are invited and encouraged to join SCN as a member any time during the school year. We realize that many students have other commitments (sports, band, jobs) that may prevent you from attending meetings. Therefore, you can join throughout the year and limit your involvement to those projects and programs that most interest you.

Regular members are required to attend at least one meeting a month and participate in three projects during the school year. Even if you cannot attend meetings, you may stop by room 152 for a meeting agenda or club update.

Students who are not members of SCN are always invited to participate in SCN projects and events.

I am a community member who wants to help SCN. What can I do?

All residents of Scotch Plains and Fanwood are invited to contribute and/or participate in SCN projects and programs. Items we collect for our donation drives may be dropped off in the main office. Cash donations are always accepted and appreciated (checks should be made payable to SPFHS-SCN). Please contact Mr. Stevens via phone at 889-8600 or e-mail at if you want to get more involved.

How do I start an SCN chapter in my school?

If you are a student, faculty member or administrator in a school that would like to start a club like SCN in your school, we would be happy to help you! We are available to share our experiences, our successes and setbacks to help you make your club a success. Contact Mr. Stevens for additional information. Use the guidelines and ideas below to get yourself started!!

  1. Get a group of students interested in helping the less fortunate.
  2. Find a faculty or staff member that would agree to be an advisor.
  3. Decide what you want your club to do: (single focus, ie.: feeding the homeless, fundraising, or multi focus: varied projects throughout the year)
  4. Check with your principal for the procedure to make your club an “official” club recognized by the school.
  5. Advertise your club to the school community through fliers, homeroom announcements, public address announcements, a display in a showcase or PTA newsletter.
  6. Hold your first meeting with a specific agenda or first project.
  7. Check out local volunteer opportunites or organizations where you can donate items you collect or for a place to work on a hands-on project.
  8. Recruit more students.
  9. Co-op or partner with other clubs on joint projects.

How can I or my employer partner with SCN on a joint project?

If you would like to help us or join us in one of our programs or projects, or if you are conducting a program and project and would like to tap into SCN’s resources or manpower, we might be interested. Please submit your request via email to Please include as many specifics as you can, including dates, times, location and the help you desire or would like to offer. SCN welcomes assistance, help or volunteers from the school, community or business community and we would like to grow our partnerships in the projects we conduct.

I have an idea for a project but need help planning it and organizing it. Can SCN help me?

All but a few SCN projects and programs began as an idea brought to us by a student. We would be glad to discuss any idea you have so long as it’s goal is to help someone or a group of people in need.


Angel Tree Prison Fellowship

Salvation Army

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